Why Writers Should Make Their Own Website

The amount of written content required to make a website successful is ridiculous. You can’t expect a website to start performing well in search until you’ve written at least 25,000 words of content. For a writer, that isn’t even that much. As an SEO who orders tons of content, I’m always scratching my head wondering … Read more

Why Backlinks Work and Why They Don’t Work

Most websites get a lot of traffic from Google. How much traffic do they get? It depends. Is the website on page one? What was searched? When your work involves building backlinks, we ask: How did they get to page one? To put it simply, their websites are strongest. Backlinks are used increase the strength … Read more

How to Optimize Images For Seo

Images are a vital part of any website. They can be used to help optimize your site for search engines, as well as make it more visually appealing. In this blog post, we will go over 3 simple steps that you can take in order to optimize images for SEO and create a better user … Read more

How to Use Keywords For SEO

how to use keywords for seo

Keywords are one of the most important parts of SEO. Knowing how to use keywords can make the difference between showing up on page 1 and not showing up at all. “This tiny trick will instantly 5x the amount of new keywords you can rank for.” Peter Krysik In this blog post, I will explain … Read more

How Long Does SEO Take?

how long does seo take

To answer this question, we need to ask what exactly we’re waiting for. SEO has a lot of moving parts, with each part working at its own pace. In this blog post, I’ll take you through the time it takes for SEO to: Index a new web page Rank a keyword (any position) Rank a … Read more

Can SEO Be Used for Real Estate Agents?

can seo be used for real estate agents

I recently took on a client to build up some ranking for real estate keywords. I know how valuable it is to get a good lead for buying or listing a home for sale. I’ve never worked with a real estate agent client before, but I was up for the challenge. I started to dig … Read more

How to Learn SEO

how to learn seo

I wish people asked me this in the real world. My answer would be “Do you have 1,200,000 minutes to listen to me talk?” There is a lot to learn when it comes to SEO. Don’t let that get in the way of learning a valuable skill that can make a world of difference for … Read more

How Much Does SEO Cost?

how much does seo cost

Like every SEO-related question, the answer is “it depends”. There are many variables deciding your needs and the timeline for executing a proper SEO campaign. In this article, I’ll outline the various costs related to checking a website’s SEO and what it takes to improve it. 1. Performing a Site Audit Cost: FREE or $500. … Read more

What is SEO?

what is seo

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. So, what is a search engine, and what exactly are you optimizing? To put it plainly, a search engine is a tool used to locate documents. If you need to find a document, you can search for it. But what if you can’t find the document you’re … Read more