Python Requests Exceptions List

Honestly, this should be a default setting for the requests library. Without it, your code is doomed if you get any connection errors. Add a ‘try’ when connecting to your URL, then use these exceptions to let your code keep running if there are any errors. This works great for when you’re scraping many URLs … Read more

Set Up UTM Tracking to Know Which Campaigns/Ads Worked

Getting tons of traffic from all over the web is great. It’s easy to see where users came from. If you’re starting at your analytics, you’ll see something called your traffic source and your traffic medium. A traffic source is a category, or traffic type such as Social, Direct, Paid, or Organic. Your traffic medium … Read more

Should You Buy Fake Followers & Views?

There is no doubting that having a higher follower count or more views on your videos will make you look more established. Have a look at the sample below for the YouTube search “how to trim curtain bangs”. Two of these videos have well over two million views and one video has barely 20k views. … Read more

Scrape Google’s Top 300 Results and Screenshot Them

Part of what I’ll do for any company’s SEO is to create local business directories for them. To do this right, it’s important to understand how many listings already exist. Most businesses will have less than 50 business listings. For bigger, older companies, it’s usually 200+. Either way, there is no such thing as too … Read more

Check if a page has a backlink on it using Python

I found a guy’s project on GitHub where he already built the tool for checking backlinks. To use this tool, you need to provide a text file that contains the referring domain and the destination URL. They need to be side by side in their own row. Each referring domain is scraped and searched. The … Read more


If you can get the job done with WordPress REST API, do it. Getting into XMLRPC is a whole other beast. For starters, XMLRPC requires you to connect using a private server. These days, you’ll need to encrypt that connection, too. I was building a tool that needed to search through my entire site’s post … Read more