How Long is a Typical Blog Post

A typical blog post is a minimum of 500 words. It can be as long as you want it to be, but the longer your posts are, the less likely readers will actually read them. You should also make sure that your paragraphs are not too long because people don’t like to read large blocks of text on their screen and if they do decide to continue reading, then you need to make sure there’s something worth reading in those paragraphs for them.

A blog post is typically 500-2000 words

If we’re just talking about content length, then anything under 500 words is a waste of time. Blog posts with less than 500 words are considered spammy, thin content. By simply having at least 500 words written on a page, it lets users (and search engines) that someone took some real effort to publish meaningful content.

Anybody can write 250 words. It takes no time at all and barely any editing and formatting. When you reach the range of 500-700 words in length, it starts to require more work to keep the topic on track and presentable.

This length varies depending on the topic

Simple tips and tricks articles don’t need to go in-depth. You can keep it short and sweet. A shorter article is good for bloggers who already have a readership and they just want something quick to consume.

Longer articles are better for building trust and relevance across your entire website.

Longer blog posts are common for in-depth topics 

Long-form articles can help you to rank for hundreds of keywords. By simply having lots of words on a page, you can rank for plenty of keywords. That being said, you are able to convey much more complex ideas and thoughts through your writing.

Be sure to properly format your content and add a table of contents to make it easier for readers to navigate between sections.

Shorter blog posts are best for quick tips

Short posts can be 300-500 words long, but don’t expect to get much traffic with these posts. Posts that have low word count are considered “thin content” and are regarded as spam rather than valuable content.

You can also create a listicle

A listicle is a type of blog post that’s written as an ordered list with images and text mixed together. What are some things that people like about listicles?

They find them easy to read, they can quickly get information from, and they offer something new. With the right information in mind, it should be simple for anyone who wants to create their own listicle.

The average word count of a listicle is 1000 words (or less) but it all depends on what you’re trying to say in that specific article.

Increase word count with deeper topics

Don’t be afraid to dive a little deeper into your post topic. An easy way to discover more topics for your blog post is to google your focus keyword and spy on competitors.

What are other bloggers saying when discussing this exact same topic? You will surely find a point or two that you missed. Add these points to your blog post and write about them as well. This can easily add 50-200 words for every additional subtopic you add.

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