SEO Site Audit

An SEO site audit consists of having an SEO expert to take a deep dive into website's SEO health. During a thorough site audit, we check your website for:

  • How your existing web pages currently optimized and performing
  • Any technical problems that are hindering site performance and rankings
  • The quality and diversity of your backlinks

Pages Audit

Every page should be treated with great attention and detail. When a page is left unattended and without optimization, it could hinder it's own performance. Moreover, when a page is properly optimized, it helps the entire site to grow. 

Technical SEO Audit

As a website grows in size and complexity, the amount of technical issues starts to pile up. By performing frequent technical SEO audits, we are able to prevent a variety of issues that impair your website's SEO efforts. The most common technical SEO issues we find are:

  • Broken links (internal and external)
  • Backlink equity distribution
  • Page crawlability and indexation
  • Page load speeds

Backlinks Audit

Every website has a portfolio, or profile, of backlinks. The backlinks pointing to your site vary in quality, relevance, and type. Your website's backlinks profile is a direct measurement of how strong and authoritative your website is.

Performing a backlink audit is essential to launching any SEO campaign as it will provide insights for predicting the kinds of results we can expect to see once we get started. It also allows us to gauge what kind of links you will need.