What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. So, what is a search engine, and what exactly are you optimizing?

To put it plainly, a search engine is a tool used to locate documents. If you need to find a document, you can search for it.

But what if you can’t find the document you’re looking for? You may never find it. This is where optimization kicks in.

Anytime you sort your documents into folders or make us of tags, you are optimizing that document. Next time you search for it, you will find it right away.

These principals apply to websites, YouTube videos, and any posts on social media. Essentially, if someone can discover content by searching, that content should be optimized.

Unlock Free Traffic. Forever.

Harnessing the power of SEO provides businesses with a steady and reliable source of website traffic. This traffic provides a business with qualified leads that are sold to through a web page. These sales happen on auto-pilot for years.

Having a steady source of traffic from search engines is the backbone to creating a reliable source of income, whether or not any marketing is being done.

Who Benefits From SEO?

Any business that has a product or service customers can search for. Finding the exact language customers use for searching is called keyword research. If a business can tap into the right keywords, they can earn plenty of qualified customers.

Small Local Business SEO

Local businesses thrive when they have a strong online presence. Google sends hundreds, if not thousands of customers to any business that has a website with detailed information.

By having lots of information available online, it is easy to understand if a business is operational, what products and services they provide, and how they can be found or contacted.

E-Commerce SEO

Websites that solely rely on sales made online, their lifeblood is website traffic. By having a properly optimized website, customers are able to locate the website and see what it has for sale.

Show up in searches for popular brand names, specific products by name, or product categories.

What is The Search Algorithm?

Any time a search is made, thousands of little signals are sent to a computer. In an instant, hundreds of results are produced. Most users will ever look past the first 5-10 results, so it’s important to be on the first page.

Getting to the first page requires an understanding of what those thousands of signals were. The more of those signals we can capture, the higher the chance for showing up on the first page.

These signals are clues for how a search engine’s algorithm behaves. When we discover these signals, we can optimize our digital property to capture them.

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