Why Backlinks Work and Why They Don’t Work

Most websites get a lot of traffic from Google. How much traffic do they get? It depends.

Is the website on page one? What was searched?

When your work involves building backlinks, we ask: How did they get to page one?

To put it simply, their websites are strongest.

Backlinks are used increase the strength and authority of a website. If you have more, you’re stronger.

Why Backlinks Work

Google uses them and depends on them. It’s how they maintain high quality search results. They’re also geniuses who are building a living machine.

The engineers building Google are responsible for scribbling down patterns and injecting those patterns into this living machine that is Google.

Want to learn a lot about SEO in under 10 minutes? Open all 100 pages that come up in a Google search result. You’ll see very quickly why the top 10 pages are where they are.

Whe ask: How did those websites get on page one…while 90 other websites didn’t?

Let’s suppose the top 20 pages are all extremely high quality search results. So who gets to take the throne?

The ones with the most backlinks.

Why Backlinks Don’t Work

Backlinks are volatile. They’re like rigging a building for demolition. One wrong move and you’ll blow out a whole office.

Backlinks don’t work because there are about 187 types of backlinks you can get. Most of them are poisonous.

A link type is considered poisonous if it’s been abused by the SEO community.

These are people who analyze every pattern that Google is taught to follow. They find and exploit these patterns to make sure their website is on page one.

Eventually, these pattern exploits are identified and dealt with. Every website that was abusing this pattern loses all the traffic it gained from doing so.

As you depend more and more on backlinks, your website becomes more and more fragile. Even with the most diligent backlink building, there is always a risk of change in the patterns.


Backlinks are one of the strongest signals for improving a website’s strength. Without them, a website is invisible.

Truth is, lots of websites are genuine, real businesses. They have built their online presence naturally over time. They have tons of backlinks and they are hardly affected by pattern changes.

The key to building backlinks is to produce a strong profile of natural online presence. This is done very carefully by creating a profile similar to other websites that are performing well naturally, flying under their wings.

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